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Olio Maiatica - Maiatic Oil - Azienda Agricola Maiatica Ferrandina

The Farm

The Maiatica Farm is situated in the countryside near Ferrandina, in the province of Matera. According to several historical sources, at the beginning of the 18th century an aristocratic family which had lived for many years in the local area had the farmhouse built and began growing olives. Within the area occupied by the farm, there are indeed twelve underground springs which keep the plants watered in a way that is totally natural. There is a large stone millstone on the estate which in years gone by meant that the family was able to ensure that it could always transform its own olives into oil. In 1930 another piece of land was added to the original farm, and thus the estate now covers  150 hectares of land, most of which is taken up by olive trees.