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The Farm today

With such an important history, and with great  respect for the Maiatica variety of olives from which the farm takes its name, the farm is committed to providing the best possible result in terms of quality and efficiency. The whole production process is being constantly improved on the basis of strict guidelines dictated by the organic certification system, to which the Maiatica farm is proud to belong.

The olives are picked by hand and carefully selected, before being sent to the olive press, where only slow and painstaking work can guarantee an excellent product every year.

If we consider three things, namely the guarantee of a quality which is above the standard to be found in other farms, the exceptional quality of the Maiatica variety of olive, and the many years’ experience of the people who take part in the whole process, the result is not exactly a secret recipe, but it is certainly a tried and tested system of constant and conscientious effort which other farms find particularly difficult to copy. This is particularly true in farms where economic factors  and the saving of resources often coincide with a substantial lowering of the standards of the final product.

This is a risk which we do not run because we want to guarantee the standard of our product to be higher than every all the legal standards usually set, and we will leave it to others to choose to adopt an unsuitable industrial process instead of healthy small-scale agriculture.